Thursday, 14 August 2014

What are the benefits that enterprises will get from iOS 8?

The recent WWDC event that held in June 2014 was very special for both the consumers and developers; there Apple has announced few major releases including iOS 8 (that will come featured in iPhone6) and OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

Since, corporate sectors serve an imperative segment as there are around 98% of the 500 firms that are enjoying the benefits of iOS devices, iOS 8 has made a  strive to become a more powerful business partner.

The forthcoming iteration of the Apple operating system – iOS 8 Coming This Fall will impact the users at consumer as well as corporate level with a huge number of enterprise features. Moreover, the iOS 8 will introduce advanced kits and frameworks that will help iOS app development company and  developers to accentuate their creativity and create an innovative and enhanced application using the novel features.

Here is the list of some enterprise features that iOS 8 will offer for better businesses.

Stronger Security:
With iOS 8, you will get a highly secure interface with safe and trusted control.

  • Mail Encryption – It will implement S/MIME controls that allow users to encrypt each message or mail individually for advanced security.

  • Data – You will get more protected external applications, and built-in features like Calendar, Reminders, messaging apps, user credentials and a lot more. All these applications can be accessed by entering a passcode after rebooting and unlocking the device. 

Better Productivity:

Whether it is a startup company or a well-established firm, productivity is the most vital aspect of any enterprise. With iOS 8, you will be able to boost your enterprise productivity as it will offer astounding features that will help deliver great performance.

  • Instantly and efficiently manage your inboxes –

You will be able to mark messages as read, unread or flag them for future follow-up by simply swiping to the left or right.

Mark certain mail threads as “VIP” and easily track the complete conversation. And one can also use the custom mailbox that will display the VIP threads altogether in the mailbox view.

You can mark the external email address in red.

“Exchange” will allow your iOS device to automatically forward reverts to the messages.

  • Conveniently manage meeting via Calendar -
The Calendar will display all the events and provide you with the availability information about your colleagues, so that you can easily schedule a meeting when everyone will be able to join it.

Repetitive events that occur at certain interval will be easier to create.

You can email the meeting attendees from the Calendar itself, thus will offer easier communication.

  • Makes Corporate documents easily accessible -
AirDrop feature allows user to transfer data to and from Mac devices conveniently, by establishing a hassle-free and reliable connection between the iOS and OS X devices.

The 3rd-party applications will now be able to facilitate other applications to access their documents with ease.

Advanced tools for effective data and device management:

There are tools that will allow IT departments to efficiently manage their data without deploying complicated rules on the employees.

  • Manage books and PDFs – It will feature an integrated Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool that uses an automated program to push PDF docs, iBooks, etc. to other user devices. It thus, will allow users to easily access what they want.

  • Peer-to-peer connection via AirPlay – You can share your work on Apple TV from your iOS 8 devices via a wireless connection, and without establishing any connection to the organization's network and by staying offline. 

The above mentioned are the niftiest features that make iOS 8 perfect for enterprises as well. To further reap the benefits of this astounding operating system, you can also hire iPhone app developer and create a desirable enterprise application to meet your business needs.

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