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All You Need To Know About Present And Future Of Wearables

Technology has grown out very luxuriantly and this all because of the strenuous efforts put in by the developers to render technology that goes far beyond the desired. We certainly are living in a world of fantasy where we are dreaming to cook meal for your or can check your body metabolism with a voice command. 

Wearables are accepted widely and thus only Apple or Google, are not the only firms that have a monopoly in wearable technology. Which means that leading iPhone  app development company or Android have to stretch their development abilities if they wish to develop apps for these devices. Talking about 16th Wearable Technologies Conference in 2015 USA there were around 500 attendees. This conference was about completely delving deeper in the wearable ecosystem. 

From chip vendors to solution providers this conference was filled with people of all the genres. One of the most important reason for this is that wearable are certainly and unarguably a fancy things in technology. Moreover, it is not merely catching the fancy of the users, but the developers are also enthused with the excitement and anticipation as well as overwhelmed about the things yet to come. 

Moreover this is an actual advancement that developers are not just making up this is quite a real thing and is about to capture the market in its grasp. Wearable technology has reached Garnter's Hype Cycle and this cycle outlines the journey of trends which is defines how a trend moves from a level of maturity and how it gets adopted by the users. 

Wearables have a bright future ahead
Moreover, looking at the opportunities available in the development field several companies such as Fossil Group have announced hundred of wearables in this year. With such facts we can say that wearables have a very bright future ahead and looking at the wholesome future several companies are launching lots of products. 

It has been estimated that wearables will generate a revenue of53.2 billion U.S. dollars in the forthcoming years. 

Healthcare and fitness has seen one of the biggest shift in this sector. Wearable devices now have grade sensors, monitoring and patient care, devices that are doing good in data that is related to heath sector

With the evolution in th king of devices we use now we now have several wearables that help the users to play outdoor games as well. Garmin is a leading company that has created an incredible Approach which is a range of wearables used for playing golf, and this is specially developed to deliver information to the person who is playing the sport. 

Then again we have TruSwing, a device that uses sensor metrics to reflect how your mechanics affects ball flight as well as shot results. 

Garmin Golf Wearables
Stay fit
Garmin wearables.

The fitness tracker is without a doubt one of the most liked wearable devices, and this might be the plausible reason why we can find a variety of them. Choosing the right fitness brand as per your needs in further dependent on you. 

Wearables for fitness
The best part about this fitness freak to fashion lovers, you get fitness band in all range and variety. We now have fitness bands that have evolved a lot and comes with incredible sensors and technology. It also allows the users to monitor the heat rate via FitBits Charge HR or even notifications are also given using the smartwatches. 

These fitness tracker come in varied range which one can choose as per their desired need. One can get notifications at Garmin Vivosmart HR, fitness freaks can go for Jawbone UP2 which a multi-purpose fitness tracker , for sporty people we have Garmin Vivoactive for multi-sports, in order to track heart rate we have Fitbit Charge HR , to track your running Microsoft Band 2 , to track your swimming we have Moov Now , and for fashionistas we have Misfit Swarovski Shine. 

Apart from the official purpose Wearables have grown out to be one of the more personal technology as it helps in automating and optimizing all the your daily chores that people perform, which is completely different level of digitization which is designed to meet the official requirements.
Developers are working efficiently and are coming out with the flying colors with concepts such as Internet of Things which has become an incredible source of development. 

The list of wearables is not it as apart from this we have a long list of quite intriguing wearable gadgets if enthused with incredible technical ideas turn out even the dull ideas into quite engaging user experiences. 

One of them is Google Glass or call it a digital eye wear which has the capacity of turn you loitering into an knowledge imparting session. This advancement is a great leap for the tourism industry. 

Smooth tracking: It is not only fitness which one can track from these wearables but we also have tracker for pets as which one can implant on their pets and keep a track of where they are moving. 

Connectivity and Apps: this is a great news for all the party freaks as now you do not need to carry your cell phones or wallet for the party. This gadget allows you to store all the payment details on your cell phone and to make payments all you need to do is to swipe the phone and everything else is taken care of. Mobile apps are no longer restricted to knowing balance or the charge sheet but they can now easily make payments. 

This is not it as there are special suits that are tailor made for athletes and they track every move while playing the game and this helps the players to improve their gaming experience. 

We now have real time data applications that are considerably improving coaching as well as training process. This is not a mere method of recreating and even playing games, but has got considerable improvements. 

Challenges to cover
When it comes to some casual use or recreation, one can easily surpass any bugs or disruptions, however this cannot be ignored when it comes to health or fitness Mobile App Development, one can not easily tolerate any bugs. Therefore, these developers has a great deal of responsibility attached to them. 

FitBit is has launched Blaze its smart fitness watch, is a new watch that can work even without working in tandem with a smartphone. However, it allows you to sync FitBit app that helps to keep a track fitness track. 

Adidas, who happens to be a big name in the sports sector, is delving deeper into wearable by launching sports bra that has the ability to measure heart rate of the user. This means that brands are well aware of the needs of the users. 

Who will lead and what's next? 
Sensoria Inc. has emerged out to be a big name when it comes to wearables in fitness and the company also puts forth the plans to make the Smart Running System more advanced, and it was unveiled in Consumer Electronic Show. It is also credited as the first and only garment that has multiple integrated wearable systems.

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