Friday, 17 June 2016

Apple iOS 10: The major Redesigns Announced At WWDC

Apple lovers, it's time to say cheers! It is because Apple unveils iOS 10 at WWDC 2016. It can be considered as the latest update of the season. It is considered as an exceptional move for the range of remarkable Apple devices like iPhones, iPod touch, and iPad, etc. Although expensive, iOS is considered as the fastest and most preferred platform for the mobile users. 

Here in this article, we have discussed some major highlights of iOS 10 at WWDC. So if you wish to become a successful iOS app developer, then this write-up is important for you. 

1. The Complete Redesign and User Experience
Apple claimed that it has it has redesigned the experience of the lock screen. At present, Apple’s iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus has the fastest Touch ID fingerprint sensor. But it has encouraged the users to directly hit the home button to get to the home screen. Apple has revealed to “raise to wake” feature which can take the users straight to the home screen. Apart from this onscreen notification have also been made interactive than before. Many such interactive features have been introduced to enhance user experience. 

2. Siri- one of the biggest update
The new update has renovated Siri completely. It is one of the significant change apart from its Mac launch as macOS Sierra update. Siri has better contextual awareness. It can now offer intelligent suggestions on the basis of users location, address, visibility, etc. 

3. Introduced QuickType
QuickType is a handy and real time-saving feature. It although requires redesigning so it can soon be more accurate at predicting. QuickType is likely to become even more proactive in drawing appropriate data from several other apps, thus offering a quick response. For instance, if anyone ask about your location or email address, it can give the respective person's accurate information. 

4. Photos App
iOS has introduced artificial intelligence in photos. This application can draw several linked videos and photos by place, time and people to highlights and create keepsakes. 

5. Apple Maps
iOS 10 has introduced new designs in Apple Maps which will be much easier to access. It is expected that with proactive elements included in iOS 10, Maps can do wonders. The new maps features include a sub-filter feature which helps to find out nearby places.
6. Apple music
Apple Music has been through major visual redesign and modifications. The user can get onscreen lyrics for the songs now. It will have easy navigation and streamlined menu to view music stored on the iPhone. 

7. Apple HomeKit
Apple was serious for its smart homeKits. It offers control with all appliances which are compatible with it. It can access the HomeKit compatible accessories; whosoever company manufactured it. Apart from this, it also offers interesting features like Scenes – a pre-customized set of adjustments for accessories, door notification with 3D Touch feature, etc. 

8. Apple News
Similar to other applications, Apple has redesigned this news feature. It also added subscription feature and is now offering a neater and cleaner interface.
I hope you enjoyed reading the features introduced in iOS 10, and I'm sure you will love the changes.

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