Thursday, 2 June 2016

Messenger Apps Are No More Safe

The growth of messenger app has been tremendous in past few years. It has completely changed the scenario of communication with each other. It has become the most significant service of any smartphone leaving far behind internet surfing and making calls. It has given huge rise to several messaging apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, WeChat, etc. They have notably become the next dominant force in mobile operating systems. 

But ultimately, the questions lies which is the best channel to exchange private information? Or how much these messengers apps are secured? Recently, Facebook's messaging app and WhatsApp has rolled out a security issue. It has raised the concerned of cyber cells and the government law enforcement across the globe. The people are concerned because the app is accessing their personal information and record conversations without notifying users. Through this, we can say that security is one the key areas where the credibility of an android or a proficient iOS app developer can be tested. As a result, many people are concerned about their online privacy 

Messenger App Offering Encipher Communication
The rise of enciphering in messaging app strive to ensure the complete privacy to the users. It makes sure that the chat history can be seen by the sender and the recipient. This cannot be hacked by the hackers and can't be viewed by the messaging company itself. It is because of the unavailability of the data on the company servers. 

The free messaging applications by default have security feature and cannot be disabled by the users. It is noteworthy that there are a plethora of messaging applications like Viber, Telegram, Signal other than WhatsApp which has opted to embrace full encryption and offer the users with complete privacy with encryption. 

Google has also unveiled that WhatsApp is planning to integrate HTTPS mechanism, which functions on SSL technology. It will be putting forward to all its products including Hang Out app to assure fully secure communication channel to its users. 

Is It A Threat Or A Boon?
It will be a continuous debate across the globe between the IT companies and government security agencies. The encryption of messaging apps allures cyber criminals, hackers, terrorists and several other anti-national elements to build up their private communication channels which further leads to some sort of distortion. 

The lawbreakers certainly take benefit out of it, which the government officials cannot serve, which further leads to security threats for civilians. 

Therefore, the encipher feature proposed by WhatsApp has challenged to the fury of security agencies. It is because of this feature, the government's surveillance department will not be able to follow the message chats of the suspected by any means. It has turned to be a major obstacle to their investigation process. The Press Trust of India has stated that it is a major obstacle to their investigation process. 

It has now raised a significant concern to FBI, considering the vast application user-base dotted all across the world. The law enforcement agencies have encrypted messenger apps as zero advantage for common people whereas, technology companies believe it to be a miracle for a complete secure channel for personal communication. 

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