Monday, 16 May 2016

Mistakes In Your Mobile Marketing That Has Broken Your Mobile App

Mobile marketing has emerged out to be quite an incredible tool for the developers that has empowered business owners to reach their users residing at any demographic location without requiring much strenuous efforts
On the top of it, as per Ninja Link Building, 8 out of 10 users have mobile device, and another major trend is that these people are so much attracted to these devices that they normally use it even while they are waking normally. This brings to us the fact that those who do not have a strong mobile marketing campaign need to plan it carefully, as one cannot afford to sidestep the increasing popularity of the mobile devices. 

In order to attain success for your mobile marketing campaigns, you need to know about the mistakes be it Android or even renowned iOS app developer commit while marketing mobile apps

1. Failing to promote your marketing campaign.
We are well aware of the fact that we have ample lot of mobile app that striving hard to capture the attention of the mobile users, and to do this you need to relentlessly search for tips to capture audiences attention and also make sure that you keep them. The number of promotions you will make for your campaigns, is directly proportional to the opportunities your consumers will have to get emails, as well as follows the social media and must make sure that you also get into SMS marketing. 

Do not just make a mobile marketing campaign, but make sure to apply it effectively which comprises of clear calls to action across which is through your promotional platforms, signs in your mobile stores and make use of captivating fonts. 

2. Not following the responsive design standard
Responsive design has embarked on a new web design technique that makes sure for the developer to automatically adjusts the layout of the content irrespective of the size as well as the orientation of the screen on which the user is using to access the content. Failing to do so is one of the biggest mistake these developers make while developing their mobile app. 

3. Keeping a low engagement factor for the users
Mobile marketing is more than just telling your consumers about your brand. It is also helps to carry on a two-way communication. This helps to engage the consumers in two-way communication assures the engagement quotient of the app. This further increases the chances of conversion and helps to get business. 

4. Avoiding automation software for marketing 
There are ample lot of automation software present out there in the market, which has made mobile marketing campaigns very resource-intensive. Those who think that using these softwares is futile, must tally their expenses and then they will get to know that it curtails all the expenses. 

5. Leaving mobile marketing campaigns without tracking results
Now that you are spending precious time as well as money for plaining a strategy for marketing your mobile app, then you need to make sure that you get a proper return from your investment that you have put in is quite important. In order to know that whether your app is successful or not make sure that your campaign needs to track as well as analyze all the interactions it has with the consumers. This information from the analysis in order to make changes in the future marketing campaigns that can help you get high yielding results. 

Though development is one of the prime requisite for mobile app development but another quite an important issue is to get the marketing strategy right as this is the medium that helps you disseminate your business to your users. Therefore, you cannot afford to take risk when it comes to the marketing strategy.

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