Monday, 2 May 2016

How is User Behavior Shaping Mobile App Development

Just like smartphone changed the way users communicated and accessed the web, a gradual shift in users' behavior can be observed following the rise in demand for mobile apps. Years have passed since the mobile giants Apples, and Google launched their app store, but the app usage has skyrocketed in the last four years. Right from gaming to business to utility, millions of apps have swarmed the app market. 

A Look at Mobile Usage Statistics 
Let's view at some useful insights related to mobile app usage:
  • The use of mobile apps is expected to increase up to 268.69 billion in 2017.
  • Digital media time spent on mobile apps has reached 89 percent.
  • Smartphone apps are the key drivers behind the growth of digital media.
  • The time devoted to mobile apps is more than the time invested in mobile web.
So, now that you have come to know about the drastic increase in app usage, most of you still might be wondering about the reason that encourages a user in downloading an app from among billion of applications. 

Three Elements That Causes Changes in App Users' Behavior
Based on a survey conducted by Fogg Behaviour Model, three elements are responsible for the change is users' behavior:
  • Motivation
  • Ability
  • Trigger
But if any one of these elements is missing, you won't likely see any change in the behavior. 

Well, one great way to expand your app's presence among target audience is via the social circle. Spreading news about your product on popular social media networks like Google+, Twitter, Facebook, etc. often acts as the biggest motivator for people, encouraging them to download the app. 

Especially, social influence is expected to have an enormous impact on youngsters mind. But, you cannot ignore reaching out your product to the older generation as well. So, you need to pay attention to customizing your application to meet the demands of different age groups. Moreover, a useful app triggers mobile users to share their app experience with other individuals. 

But remember, app development isn't an easy feast. Rather it can be challenging because of the increasing competition in the market. And thus, to build a successful app, it is better to hire Android app developer or a professional who can meet your project needs with efficiency. 

What Future Holds For Mobile Apps?
People are moving towards using smartphones and tablets and are adopting the wearable technology. With the increase in demand for wearables, the need for apps compatible with smart devices is most likely going to rise as well. But, most importantly, the future of apps will lie in the behavioral changes in users. So, you should study the emotions that a user experience while using an application, as it can guide you in developing successful end-product that is well liked by your target audience.

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