Thursday, 21 April 2016

5 Questions You Must Answer Before Initiating Mobile App Development

Creating rewarding apps are becoming a lot more challenging and arduous with numerous companies showing interest in leveraging mobile app development services to build one-of-its-kind app solutions. Even if, you choose to hire iOS app developer or any other expert app developers for your project, there are a few basic questions that might be restricting you from beginning with the development phase. Here are five such important questions worth considering:

1. How should you safeguard your app idea from being stolen?
You might have just come up with a unique and brilliant app idea. But have you imagined what happens if the notion is used by someone else and launched before you did? Of course, you will be deeply saddened. Perhaps, some of you will want to sign an NDA (non-disclosure) agreement with your service provider before starting with the app development process. But even requesting an NDA might not help you from losing your app idea unless you discuss your requirements with your development team. 

It is suggested that rather than keeping yourself aside from becoming a part of meaningful discussions with app developers (having proficiency and experience in meeting your app needs), you must postpone signing an NDA. You must gather information regarding the general purpose of your app, find out similar apps, your development budget, the platform on which you would want to run your app and so on. Only after acquiring such data, move to requesting an NDA. 

2. iOS vs. Android App: Which platform should you use?
If you want to develop consumer apps that help in generating good revenue, then you should opt for creating an app for the iOS platform first. In fact, iOS applications support higher ROI compared to Android apps. Also, since Apple based applications are easy to build and performs faster, you won't have to make necessarily the cost of your iOS app less. 

On the contrary, Android proves a better choice in improving your visibility among audiences. After all, Android enjoys the maximum smartphone market share, thereby increasing your ability to extend your reach to a wider audience base. 

3. How much investment is required for an app?
The possible third question you'll have in your mind is that money you will need to spend in your app development project. Well, the overall construction cost relies on how many new features you tend to add within the app. Also, the cost of the platform you choose for your project will vary. Remember that niche app development company usually charge from anywhere between $500k to $1000k for the project. On the other hand, freelance developers or smaller shops charge a nominal fee. 

Especially, choosing to outsource your application development project to an offshore firm will best meet your needs. 

4. How to earn money from your app?
If you want to earn some profits from your newly built app, then you would want to know how can you make good money via your app. The best and highly recommended ways that are believed to monetize from an application is following the freemium app approach. According to this method, you need to release your app for free in the beginning, and as soon as you succeed in exceeding your user base introduce in-app purchases to increase ROI. 

One good example of freemium approach is Candy Crush. The gaming application is available for free. You can play the game with no need of spending even a single dime, but as you move to higher levels, you are presented with in-app purchases. Needless to say, you'll be encouraged to buy things that could help you in clearing challenging levels. In fact, people who have become addicted to playing Candy Crush seems to be making a lot of purchases from the app store. 

5. What is the right time to upgrade your app?
Updating your app is crucial to keep users interested in using it. Also, up-to-date apps help attract new potential customers. Besides, as your business grows you're bound to introduce updates that inform users about your new offerings. Keeping your mobile application updated creates a sense of excitement among users and make them think what all will be offering next. Moreover, upgrading apps also help in fixing bugs that users might have noticed in your app. It is recommended that you should update an app in a month. Also, the frequency of updates depends on the feedback provided by users, your development budget, etc. 

What's more? Make sure to plan your updates and jot them down in your app's roadmap. Doing so will ensure that you don't miss out releasing any critical update. Also, include what all you have updated in your app's roadmap. 

Wrapping Up!
Reading the above question and their answers will most likely help you in determining the right way to develop successful apps. You will possibly come across many more considerations when building an app. However, the ones discussed in this article are initial concerns you need to know about, as they will help in laying down the foundation of your app development project. Remember, if you lack the skills necessary for creating a winning app model consider recruiting hire mobile app developer for the job instead. 

But before selecting any service partner, make sure to check out their experience and specialization to ensure that they are capable enough to meet your project needs.

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