Monday, 4 April 2016

Go For Deep Linking To Improve Your Android App's SERPs

We cannot just out blow the fact that Mobile internet search has surpassed the web traffic considering the traffic results. The reason being that the utility of mobile phones is so much so that the users now prefer their smartphones as they provide information anywhere and anytime. 

Android apps are one of the best way to disseminate your business among the massive user base, and this is possible only by making use of deep linking the content page together of the mobile apps and therefore it helps to open up a great deal of opportunities that makes sure that the developers or the users from Google search to check any particular content which makes it available from a mobile app. 

As per a recent statistical report from mobile customer engagement, you get to have in-app engagement which is considered quite a sophisticated version of in 2016 and one of the very simple reason might be the that it is quite reasonable, the app brand has more control over the message, and also have the ability to render users quite an incredible and unfettered user experience who have invested a lot in their brand. 

So do you have the ways in which an Android app development company can easily make your Android app quite a renowned name in the app stores?
Yes, of course you can as there are different ways available that can make your Android app quite searchable by Google. 

Some of them are as follows:
Make sure to get links for the app content : This allows Google to crawl into the content of your app and ensures that you get better results on Google searches. In order to make sure that there is a deep linking in your Android app, make sure that you change the content of your Android app so as to incorporate file in order to listen to the data which comes from the URI of the website through the Google search and make sure to reply so as to take the content page of your mobile app. One needs to know that the process occurs in two steps:
Make sure to incorporate <ACTION_VIEW> in your Manifest. You can specify one or more than one <data> tags in your URI scheme. One of the tag must comprise of android and that must be the scheme attribute. Apart from this you can also specify several activities that are for the same URI scheme and also comes with different path prefixes that are rendered for each activity which enables the different URI paths. 

Apart from this you need to make sure that your activity is Browsable and this can be specified by the intent filter that one can open from a web browser and this is quite a prime requisite to make sure that the website has deep linking. Make sure that all the intent filters are present in your app manifest, Android then routes all the Intent that is similar to the URI. 

How to make sure that you have deep linking : For those who are embedding deep linking must make sure that the app should straight away take the user to the require content page and for this they do not ask them to perform anything else inside your app. This makes sure to deliver a better user experience to your clients. 

Help to Increase Revenues:
We are well aware of the fact that the users who download your app are your most loyal customers. As they have downloaded your mobile app which means they are interested in purchasing which means they have business.
Therefore, using deep linking you can easily guide your customers straight away into your app, this makes them quite motivated so as to complete a specific task or make a purchase. 

Improved User Experience:
Deep links hold a very strong impact when it comes to deliver an efficient browsing experience and also makes sure to avoids chances to distract as it directs them straight away to the screen of the app. Make sure that the users wish to buy a product, listen to a track, watch a video, or get acquainted to the latest news – deep links helps to optimise the time it would take so as to manually perform a tasks and this renders quite an incredible user experience to them.


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