Monday, 28 March 2016

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Developing a Mobile App

In the last couple of years, the use of mobile applications have exceeded to a great extent. You can measure the ever-growing increase in the demand for apps by looking at the following statistics: 

  • The number of app downloads across the world is predicted to reach 270 billion by 2017.
  • 52 percent of digital media time in US alone is spent on apps.
  • Smartphone users spent around 89 percent of their time in using mobile apps.
  • 500 leading merchants generate 42 percent of their sale from mobile apps.

So, these stats clearly explain how crucial it has become to develop mobile apps to extend your business reach to a wider user base. Despite continuous app development, it seems many app developers from almost every iPhone or Android app development company tend to make mistakes while developing them. 

Here are a few mistakes you should avoid when building an app:

1. Not Having a Clear Understanding of Your Business
The best way to develop a winning app requires you to have complete understanding of your business. Despite coming up with a brilliant app idea, you can't guarantee its success until you design it in sync with your business needs. The reason as to why you should know what you deal with is that it will make you create a product that can solve existing problems in your system. 

2. Pre-assuming That The App's Popularity Will Grow
One biggest mistake users (ideally novices) make is believing that their app model will go viral if it looks and functions in a superior manner. Remember, there are dozens of great mobile applications in the market. So, you just can't sit and wait for your target audience to notice your product. Rather, you must have a marketing plan ready to increase your app's visibility. 

3. Lack of a Great App Monetization Plan
Many iPhone/Android app development company believe that as the userbase of their app grows, they are likely to earn good revenue from it. But, unfortunately that's a wrong notion. Many developers, in fact, think that they can earn huge profit by app advertisements or just because of their reputation. But, with many big players out there it is imperative to have an app monetization plan prepared. 

4. Leaving Your Competitors
Out of the Picture!
Never underestimate your competitors, or leave them out of the game. In short, you must keep track of all the updates made by businesses competing against you. Though, some of your counterparts might not achieve the kind of success you have tasted via your app, but they might counter-attack with a better app strategy that give them an instant push in the market. 

The app marketplace is becoming highly competitive with each passing day. And so, as an app developer it becomes essential to consider factors that could help in developing a successful solution. Put it simply, you must pay heed to factors that helps increase your chances of achieving success in your app development venture.

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