Thursday, 12 March 2015

Android Application Development And Enterprises

Android smartphones have garnered great popularity across the globe. The demand of Android apps, which are the cornerstone of smartphones, is substantially increased in the past few years. This has amazingly contributed to the gigantic Android user base. There are colossal mobile applications available in the Google Play store, which is an authentic store for Android apps. And, numerous apps are released regularly in the app store, thus making the Android app development a burgeoning industry.

According to the recent stats and analytics, Android possesses over 70% of the total market shares. This clearly represents the formidable fan following of Android and its rapidly blooming user base. There are several factors that contribute to the increasing demand of Android application development services in the market. One of them is the proliferation of Android devices, as they are available in several screen sizes, various screen resolutions, and more. Most importantly, Android devices are available at a competitive price range. It, thus, offers a large variety of devices to consumers, so that they can choose a suitable option.

Tech giants like Samsung, HTC, Micromax, Motorola, Sony and more have launched numerous mobile devices that can easily fit in mid-range budget without compromising on the superior features of Android.

The open source nature of the Android OS allows developers to develop creative and functional apps. Developers can proficiently develop requisite Android apps on platforms, including Windows, and Mac OS X. Moreover, unlike iOS apps, Android apps are quite simple to release and allows one to efficiently target a gigantic mobile audience base.

The rapidly increasing demand of innovative apps in the mobile industry is certainly leveraging Android app development companies. There are several apps that come complete with the default SDK (Software Development Kit), like Google Chrome, contacts section and other Google products, SMS, and email clients. Furthermore, the framework APIs can be implemented to deliver better third-party Android apps.

Indubitably, the Android app development has enabled enterprises  to efficiently cater to the needs of their business and potential consumer base. Whether you want to proficiently deliver the real time inventory related notifications or want to determine a sales visit address, mobile application can be generated to effectively accomplish simple as well as complex tasks.

By developing an appropriate enterprise app, businesses can make an effective use of their resources and generate greater ROI. Thus, while prolific enterprise Android app development can boost the conversion rates and productivity of a business, it also helps ensure a surefire business solution.

There are several Android mobile app development services available, you can invest in one that best suits your business needs. Android apps deliver outstanding ERP solutions that ensure a seamless and flawless integration between the associated database and sales personnel. It does so by providing real time updates on both the ends.

If you are interested in developing a ravishing Android application to efficiently enhance your business values and sales, you may hire the services offered by a well-versed offshore company. Most of  the companies often offer a slew of resourceful services, including custom app development, mobile business software development, design apps for companies, QA and testing services, to name a few.

It is advisable to thoroughly research before hiring the services from any app development company. You may review their portfolio and client testimonial to decipher their work quality. This way you can ensure suitable professionals for your project.

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