Thursday, 17 December 2015

Key Points About Which Every iPhone App Developer Must Be Aware Of

The Apple iPhone is a fabulous device that is incessantly improving with its each iteration, thanks to the conspicuous efforts of the Apple team who endeavored to ensure a surefire performance of the iPhone. Its intuitive interface and attractive design are extolled by a whopping number of people out there.

The iPhone apps further add to its credibility and helps one to reach a gigantic user base with a flair. Thus, you can benefit your business with a high end iPhone application. Since, the Apple App Store already has numerous applications, it is not a child's play to make your application stand out in the sea of applications. If you need a fabulous app, it is recommended to look for proficient and Hire iPhone app developer. Only experienced professionals can help you deliver a brilliant iPhone application to augment your business, thus, it is worth researching beforehand and relying on a skillful professionals.

There are several aspects to check out while hiring a professional. In this article, I have mentioned some useful points. If you are seeking an iPhone developer, look for these traits and if you are an iPhone developer, make it certain that you don't miss any of the below mentioned points. Let's have a look at them.

  • Xcode knowledge: The Apple's IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is Xcode. It is must for iPhone developers get their hands on the IDE and possess expertise to proficiently work with the Cocoa Touch and UIKit. To ensure that he can develop fabulous native iOS applications, he must be aware of the latest iOS SDK (Software Development Kit). Moreover, it is also advantageous if a developer knows how to work with the Interface Builder (it streamlines UI designing and doesn't demand coding).

  • Swift and Objective-C: Since Apple iOS is based on the Objective-C programming language and Swift language, which is the latest programming language developed by Apple for iOS development. Swift is the latest language and it is imperative for iOS developers to get their hands on this language.

  • Clean and readable code: The code written by developers must be clean and legible. It must be written in a flawless way so that in case they need to refer their code in the future, they can easily do that without wasting their valuable time. One may also choose to create comments or notes for future references.

  • Well versed with iOS frameworks: There are myriads of iOS frameworks out there that make iOS development convenient and effective. iOS App Developers should know about the ones that can amazingly streamline the app development process. Since frameworks offer an interface for developing apps, they are crucial from developers' perspective.

  • Third-party libraries and APIs: It is must for iPhone developers to have knowledge about the best way to integrate the third-party libraries and work with APIs.

  • Apple Guidelines: Apple is very particular about its market reputation. This is why it makes efforts to ensure the release of only quality applications by asking every application to seek an approval from the App Store for a public launch. In order to ensure that your application doesn't get rejected by the App Store, one must strictly adhere to the Apple guidelines.

  • Implement Source Control: Source Control helps maintain a track of modifications and versions done in the code. Moreover, it also lets developers create checkpoints so that they can jump back into the working phase if an issue arises while developing the application.

  • UI and UX design aspects: While it is essential to have a keen knowledge and experience in proficiently working with a range of tools and technologies, it is equally important that a developer must understand the design aspects vital for delivering astonishing UI and UX

Wrapping Up
These are a few of the fundamental aspects that Hire Mobile App developer must know and companies must check with the hired professional before beginning the project. The developers who stick to this checklist have a greater likelihood of delivering a robust and successful application. Understanding the needs of the target audience and developing app while keeping the requirements in mind will help create an incredible application.

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