Friday, 4 September 2015

Ultimate Ways To Get Your App Featured On The App Store

The Apple App Store is not an easy target. Since, Apple is quite particular about its market reputation, it adheres to a list of stringent guidelines and practices that an application must follow in order to get the approval from the Apple App Store. This creates a lot of pressure and responsibilities on the iOS app developers' head.

However, with getting your application published, you will win only half the battle. There are millions of applications already lying in the App Store and many get released everyday. This certainly creates a fierce competition in the market, while creating an urge to invest in a suitable iPhone app development services. There are numerous iOS professional across the earth who offer worthwhile development services, you can easily seek a suitable one for your business.

Once your application gets approved by the Apple App store, it will get published under a suitable category. There you application won't get a desired visibility. Thus, in order to ensure that a whopping number of users can discover your application on the App Store with ease, it needs to be displayed either under editor's choice, top lists, or being featured by the Apple.

In this article, I will share some useful tips that can help you get your application featured in the Apple App store. Let's have a look into them.

1. Scrutinize the needs of Apple
Apple representatives consider the best applications to features. If your application is amazingly outstanding, Apple is surely going to pay attention to your app. It takes the fact that a new OS and hardware will be unveiled soon in the future, into account, and analyzes the application's success. It will expect the apps that are featured to be successful for obvious reasons. Thus, it must be kept in mind that Apple is actively seeking a fresh app that is bug-free.

2. Scour the Apple's Guidelines
When businesses hire iPhone app developer, it is believed that the hired developer possesses expertise in the field, and is well-versed with the ongoing design and development trends. Thus, working an application idea that users intend for and considering the way the application fits into the lives of potential app users help deliver a superlative application. Apple will definitely laud such applications and happily feature them in the App Store.

3. Quality apps are extolled
To beat the competition and improve the rank is the paramount goal of an application developer. When there are myriads of application in a category, it becomes imperative for developers to create something notable. It has been observed that most of the rejected apps either compete with apps developed by the Apple itself, or possess similar functions as that are available in an existing application. Therefore, while offering a superior quality, make it certain that your application idea is unique and fresh.

4. Stay ready with your app marketing professionals
There is a great likelihood that when Apple is going to feature your application, it will ask for your application marketing plans – media, screenshots, video preview, app description, etc. If you miss on any of the requisite material, you will probably lose the chance, and another one on their list will be called then. Thus, you must come with one cohesive unit comprising compelling descriptions and genuine art.

You can target a colossal audience base by thinking of a brilliant application idea that is distinct from those already published in the store. The aforementioned are a few of the resourceful ways, bearing which in mind can help you make your application hit the Apple App Store, while being featured.

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