Monday, 12 October 2015

5 reasons why you must invest in mobile apps ASAP

Today’s digital era has brought smartphones to produce revolutionary changes in the global marketplace. People are doing away with desktop and adopting mobile platform for surfing the internet. There used to be a time when websites were some of the strongest marketing tools for all business-SMEs, multinationals and large corporations. Stuff such as e-commerce was incorporated on websites to make availability of products and services easier. However, mobile applications bring about a great opportunity to bring up sales of any business, as purchase is made within minutes.
Let’s delve into some of the most prominent reasons why business must invest in custom mobile app development.

Having your business on Mobile
These days, having a website alone wouldn’t help. As per a survey, 8 out of 10 people use smartphones. These handheld gadgets are being used frequently by users (and prospective customers) for various reasons ranging from finding local businesses to e-commerce. Apps are coming out as the most utile resource apart from being more intuitive and providing a better user experience.

A way to use social platforms
There is no denying that people these days are obsessed with social platforms such as Facebook, LInkedin, Twitter etc. Apps give a platform to integrate with these channels and get maximum visibility in the market. Moreover, using these channels and platforms, users can share reviews, give feedback and spread the good word about your products and services.

Attracting a wider range of audience
Everyone uses mobile phones instead of PCs. Therefore you must do away with conventional techniques.
You must adopt the mobile application platform to generate new leads and boost your sales. While on the mobile platform, you can roll out dedicated applications to give targeted users their desired information, in order to reach out to the masses.
This reduces the time requirements to access your services and products which lead to easy and smooth purchases.

Maintaining the brand identity

There must be a consistency maintained in terms of Brand identity. A great app helps you make a definite space in the market even if you aren’t able to make that through your services. It should become a one stop destination for all your users. For example you can use the app to remind/notify your users of the latest updates and deals. It will not only engage them but also build interest in your app.

The opportunity for better service
Customer satisfaction is the prime point of concern in every business vertical. Your sales depend on the number of happy users from your service. Through mobile applications, you get a medium to interact with your users and derive their feedback which can be valuable to your business. The best way to turn them into long term customers, is by giving them a sense of loyalty.

Concluding words

As the mobile industry is thriving , it makes sense for all businesses to invest in mobile apps and join hands with the hire mobile app developer out there as mobile presence not only generates revenue but helps you grow your business and loyal customers.  

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