Saturday, 30 January 2016

Important Things to Consider When Designing a Mobile Site

With a rapid increase in mobile device consumption, to perform activities online, having a mobile website has become more of a priority than a fad. But, creating a mobile site isn't an easy task. Especially, making your presence felt among other great mobile sites can be a tough challenge. However, you can overcome such challenge and can create a solid standing in the market by hiring the right person for the job.

Put it simply, you should consider searching for any web development firm or mobile application development company with experience in mobile website development. That's because professionals can help communicate what you want from your site in best possible manner. However, you must keep a few things in mind before starting your project to ensure the success of your mobile website design.

1. Define The Purpose Of Your Mobile Site

There are different ways in which a mobile site can be created. First, you can revamp your existing site and turn its design into a responsive one. Another choice is to develop a separate mobile site beside a desktop site. Lastly, you can relaunch your desktop website as an entirely new website design optimized for mobile users.

No matter, which option you'll choose, make sure to define the purpose behind it to your service provider. Doing so, will help make a quick decision regarding designing your site.

2. Create a Simple Website Without Compromising Design

Website loading time plays a vital role in determining its success. Especially, a mobile site is expected to load quickly compared to desktop sites. And so, you must improve your website performance in terms of speed. One best way to achieve such a need is to create a simple site free from clutter. Basically, you should consider developing a site based on flat design approach. But, remember you mustn't compromise on your site's design.

The key is to design a website with a fine balance between stylistic elements and practicality. Simply put, remove any unwanted elements like gradients, drop shadows, etc. instead focus more on typography, adding bold colors and so on.

3. Consider Creating an App For Website For Personal Experiences

This is an important consideration that you must take into account if you want to expand your audience base quickly. With 60 percent of time spent on mobile apps, having one will indeed help you drive the majority of traffic from application users. Besides, apps prove an excellent source in offering personal experiences to users.

In case, you plan on developing an app, and then it would be better to select a service provider who can carry out both application, as well as, website development in an efficient manner.

Some Other Recommendations

Below are a few other recommendations you must consider when Mobile App create and design:
  • Make sure that your site design is based on user's viewpoint.
  • Choose the right web font and color scheme for your design.
  • Ask your service provider to create a single-column structure for your site, as it helps manage limited space on smaller displays.

Hiring a professional for your website developing project will help you in achieving success. But, you must be familiar with several things before getting started with the project such as the ones discussed in this article.

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