Saturday, 16 January 2016

Top 3 Challenges Of Developing an Enterprise App

The rapidly evolving mobile app ecosystem has increased the need for enterprise application development. With the ever-changing user's needs every Android or iPhone app developer seems to be focusing more on creating customized apps – that are tailored to address the client's specific needs. Most importantly, the development companies are giving priority to building custom apps for enterprises.

You may wonder what's the need of developing an enterprise app over other standard mobile applications? According to Gartner's report, the rise in sales of mobile sales is expected to reach 2.1 billion by 2019, which ultimately will increase the demand for mobile applications in the enterprise. This clearly suggests the necessity of building enterprise apps.

And, there couldn't be a better way to promote the newly created apps that are custom-made for a particular device. Remember that an enterprise app is a lot different from the apps located in app stores. Moreover, there are three significant challenges associated with building customized apps for enterprises, such as:

1. App Security

Security is the most obvious factor that you need to consider during enterprise app development. Especially, with the rapid increase in security concerns, it's important that your application is built keeping your employees authentication in mind. You can meet such an objective, by enforcing a secure login procedure by integration of Active Directory servers. Doing so, will allow only a single sign up which makes it. This makes it possible to enable single sign on and makes it conducive for the enterprise employees to handle their app logins and passwords. Also, for making your app more secure consider implementing server side validation.

2. Failure to Create UI Designs That Ensures Usability

When building an app for regular consumers, it's important to create a user interface (UI) that is captivating and attention-grabbing. But, remember that developing a UI for business app requires more focus on functionality than beauty. Of course, this is not to say that you can do away with creating bad looking interfaces. Undoubtedly, the visual appeal of an app is the first thing a user will notice. However, when it comes to creating an enterprise app usability scores over how attractive the application interface is.

Therefore, when creating a mobile application for enterprises make sure that the app is convenient to use.
3. Deciding on Building HTML 5 or Native Apps

Lastly, it could be difficult for you to decide on the right technology on which your enterprise app needs to be created. But, knowing it is equivalent to getting to half a job done. You can either construct a native app or web app. When you need to create an app on a dedicated operating system such as iOS or any other OS, you should favor building a native app for the enterprise. But, in case you need to build an application for different device hardware, consider building a web app instead.
The most viable alternative is to create hybrid apps since they are just web apps that come with native features. So, before beginning the development process make sure to analyze your requirements first regarding the technology on which the app will be built.

Wrapping Up

As an increasing number of enterprises are becoming more inclined towards building mobile solutions such as apps, it's important that your app can help make a profound impact – a positive one – on enterprise efficiency and productivity.

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