Friday, 12 February 2016

Challenges That Developers Face During Mobile App Development and Its Solutions

Although mobile application development has become, a mainstream and tools are made available online to make the development process quick and easy, still many enterprises and developers face difficulty in developing apps. This is because there are only a few out-of-the-box solutions that can actually help build some great solutions.

Through this article, we'll look at the reason behind challenges that act as hurdles in making the mobile app development project successful. Also, you'll get to know the solutions that will help you overcome those challenges.

Understanding The Current Scenario of Mobile App Development

The digital economy is evolving, and it is pushing people to spend considerable time and resources in developing a mobile app. In fact, Gartner predicts that “the market demand for every iPhone or Android app development company is bound to rise by 2017 to at least five times faster than the capability of organizations to deliver them.”

Basically, the current mobile app development world in pressurizing app developers. Wondering how? Since the need for applications has increased to a great extent, app developers are facing difficulty in fulfilling the varying demands of users and market demand for advanced app features.

Moreover, the lack of development service market’s to cope up with the request is forcing app developers to find solutions that can improve and speed up their ability to deploy the services in order.

Role of Technology in Overcoming the Challenges

Couchbase is creating a highly advanced full-stack database, in a bid to make the task of building and deploying mobile apps easier for developers. The database will comprise of several elements, including a database server, embedded database for mobile, and much more.

The Couchbase technology help saves enormous time and resources of developers with the help of its out-of-the-box features, which helps development teams in developing feature-rich apps that offer expected results.

However, to accelerate the use of this technology, it is also important for solution providers to tackle any primary concerns associated with their mobile development project, such as security, storage, etc. Once solution providers help address such issues, it will become possible for developers to pay attention to delivering app features according to market's demand.

One best way to accelerate app development services is to opt for storing data on the mobile and in the cloud. Most importantly, you require utilizing a transport mechanism between both of these storage locations. Also, the areas must be secure. Of course, as an app developer, you might find it hard to manage three or more technologies simultaneously for accomplishing such a goal. However, Couchbase can give app developers the ability to deal with these concerns using just a single database technology.

Using the Couchbase technology will change the game of developers. In essence, the technology will help save app developers from having to focusing on the task of building and grouping together technologies that can help them meet their development concerns. Instead, developers will be able to pay heed to matters such as building apps that satisfies users and market demands.

Are There Any Security Concerns You Need to Know About?

The ever-growing use of mobile has forced technology providers to spend a good amount in improvising security measures. However, before investing in improving security, you must know about the common security concerns associated with synchronizing mobile data and storing it on any mobile device. Below are a few security issues you need to be aware of:
  • User authentication
  • Read or write access
  • concerning data
  • Transporting data on the wire
  • Storing data on device
  • Storing data in the cloud
Benefits Businesses and End Users Will Avail

With the introduction of Couchbase technology, companies and end-users will get complete attention of app developers – that is needed to improve UX. Moreover, Couchbase will reduce the backend concerns of app developers as it will help them create solutions that will be quick-to-market.


As we all know, the need for mobile apps has increased and is not slowing down. However, with million of apps out there, it becomes needful to build an application that can help meet users and market varying demands. But, to achieve such an objective app developers require to spend plenty of time and resources in developing an excellent solution. This makes it difficult for Mobile app developer to find enough time in working on other aspects of application development. Fortunately, such concerns can be resolved with the help of Couchbase technology.

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