Friday, 19 February 2016

Cost Related Factors That Every Mobile App Aspirant Must Know

When we talk about developing mobile apps, there are a lot of people who are still ignorant about the pricing standards of mobile app development. Consequently, reason why there are times they end up paying extravagant amount to the developers. This is the reason why one needs to stay abreast related to all the development cost as per industrial standards.

Well ignoring mobile apps could be not the right thing to do as people are now inclined towards mobile gadgets. This is the reason why mobile app development is something which one can not avoid. mobile applications development services need utmost attention of the clients and this is the reason you cannot afford to go without preparation. In wake of developing an incredible app you might end up hiring someone who might charge you extravagant money else you might not hiring a competitive firm just because of monetary issues.

It’s intriguing to find out that as per Clutch survey features are not the largest cost driver of an app but infrastructure is what drives the maximum cost, which comprises of :
  • Basic controls
  • 3rd party integration
  • Data storage
  • Data encryption
  • Access to enterprise data
  • Scalability
App Development Cost Calculators

There are now several app development companies that are now offer calculators that allows to specify all the features and allows to see you a approximate figure of the cost of your app. You can make use of these calculators to test the cost of your mobile app.

No matter whether you wish to choose iOS or Android apps or includes features such as complex business logic, login authentication, UI, backend connections, and offline functionality. You can add all the requirements and get to know what it would approximately cost to build mobile apps easily.
  • Otreva calculator: $360,000
  • Tusnua Designs calculator: €215,000
  • Imason calculator: $267,000
  • Kinvey calculator: $321,000
  • Kony: $256,000
Continuing costs after development

Let me be very clear on this part as a lot of people tend to think that their mobile app investment is a one time investment and do not demands any other investment post this. Accomplishing the development of a mobile app is just the preliminary step iceberg, as the development proceeds and all other steps related to make it fully functional precedes this.

The development cost is multiplied by 3

As per a survey from Forrester revealed that the expenditure for developing a custom mobile app which is approx $50,000 to $150,000 can be 35% of the cost for two years.

What's your budget to build a mobile app?

As per a 2015 report from Commentum they estimated the cost of maintenance for a custom app project of an SME cost around $5,000 to $11,000 monthly payment.

This is not it as even the minimal change for a small project cannot be considered as substantial one with $3,000 monthly payment — and moving so and so forth to difficult or large scale development might cost $25,000 per month.

Make sure that you stay in buzz via frequent updates

As per a survey conducted by AnyPresence the cost of custom mobile application development by professionals, said that around 80% of the people said that they update their applications at least two times in an year and around one third people updated it one time in a month. Updating your app is certainly a great thing as it helps you to remain in the buzz and capture the users attention.

Is the cost of developing an app worth?

When it comes to mobile apps they can be divided on the basis of platform. This is the reason why you need to be cautious while selecting a mobile app platform for your business. You need to first figure out what is the genre of your app and what kind of audience you wish to cater.

Apart from that there are several misconceptions that are lingering around that Android apps do not yield so much revenue when it comes to iOS apps. There are other myths regarding the monetization policy of apps which makes it difficult for people to pick out the best development platform themselves.

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